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The Student Becomes the Teacher

My professional career began as a Major League hockey “enforcer”—a team’s tough guy. After leading 5 successful companies as CEO, partner or owner leading to several successful exits. Now, I coach hundreds of entrepreneurs and CEOs—with revenue ranging from $1 million to $3 billion companies and MBAs from prestigious universities—how to improve their businesses. Not bad for a high school dropout who made two game-changing, life altering moves:

1. Studying extraordinary people to learn how they became the best in their fields.

2. Writing down all their invaluable advice and insight throughout my own journey to the top.

I also recorded every stage of my progress, including the mistakes, level of commitment and more, as I applied the

techniques I learned from those elite business leaders. Enforcer to Entrepreneur: Achieving Hockey Stick Growth in Life, Business, and Sports is the foolproof playbook I created from that collection of proven strategies.

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Jerry can quickly assess an organization’s key challenges, build and lead skilled, strategic executive teams, and ultimately drive organizations to success, creating new leaders who learn by his example, work ethic and integrity.

Sandra Sellani, author of What’s Your BQ - Brand Quotient

Jerry has an uncanny knack for sensing people’s or business’ needs and connecting them with the appropriate resources to meet those needs, and does so even when he’s not personally involved in the deals. As a former professional athlete, I admire this and the many other traits that make Jerry a champion in my book!

Terrell Fletcher, former NFL athlete and author of The Book of You

As a mentor of mine during the last 28 years, Jerry has shown me how to create, develop and maintain a positive and productive sales culture. He displays outstanding leadership skills, such as establishing goals, developing plans and assisting in the day-to-day execution of those plans. In the words of Jerry, ‘Now Go Sell Something!

Jon Fehrman, vice president of sales, Advanced Office

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