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Solid Talks on Leadership, Business and Strategy

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Take an opportunity to analyze the implementation of your Decision-Making Strategies. Increase your self awareness, discuss any issues of concern and examine others’ perspectives of your strengths and growth areas.


Step back and gain clarity by embarking on a new approach to Leadership Development. Understand the barriers holding you back, and learn effective procedures that will enable you to more easily move forward.

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Jerry is driven by his tremendous leadership skills. His ability to size up business problems and craft solutions is unusual in today's executive offices. The foundation for Jerry's success has long been his ethical leadership, forged by team participation and his ability to play by the rules. Jerry never fails to provide wonderful leadership insight and a great leadership model that’s beyond reproach.

Jon Wampler, former president and CEO, PacifiCare of California

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When building a great culture, leaders need to know about their team members, who they are, what they do and what drives them.

Jerry Rollins, Enforcer to Entrepreneur

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