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This subject has come up in many discussions lately and people are concerned during this time of social isolation on how to better communicate with isolated employees and both current and prospective customers.

We all know now how to do group ZOOM calls, but are you making the effort to reach out and talk to these people individually outside of these meetings? A personal call to let someone know you are thinking of them, or even more old fashioned, a card or note that is not an email or text can go a long way. 

I don’t believe in discussing an issue unless I have some suggested actions. What I started several months ago is to call someone each day that I had not had a one on one call with for some time. I am going through my contacts and really am having fun reconnecting with friends, co-workers, and both current and prospective clients. This has already led to be reestablishing old relationships and creating some new ones.  

This takes minutes each day and I do it when I am on my daily 6 mile walk. It has dual benefits in that it occupies my mind and I forget that I am exercising. 

Who you gonna call?

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