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Team success depends on two things: the team’s ability to get results (productivity) and the quality of relationships among team members (positivity). This is challenging to maintain during these times of uncertainty. A fun exercise to try at your next team meeting to loosen everyone up is:

“Describe your mood today by using the following metaphors to describe your mood. It is either an animal, the weather, a food or another object.” 

Take a minute to hear the results. When I have done this we have some good laughs and got to know each other better.

My wife sometimes tells me that my “positivity” sometimes drives her nuts and she perceives that others may feel the same way and not tell me. So don’t fall into the habit of  being toxically positive, which can have the reverse of creating an environment that is not genuine.

I choose to be realistically positive every day because I don’t like the alternative. 

My glass remains half full, but I have to focus on filling it daily. What about yours?

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